GDP lower than expected can even affect the projections for 2013

The economic activity has grown 0.6% in the 3rd trimester face with the high expectation of 1.2%; the 2013 GDP must be recalculated from 4% to 3.5%

SÃO PAULO - The brazilian GPD presented a 0.6% grown in the third trimester, presenting a much worse result then the expected by the market's consensus, according to data presented in friday the 30th december 2012.

"The result stayed much lower the the expected by the market, with strong implications in the projection for 2013, in wich will change to something like 1.2% or 1.3%", says Daniel Cunha, from the XP Investimentos analysis team. According to Cunha, the market was expecting a grown rate between 1.2% in the GDP.

The member of the XP analysis team reinforces still that the slight grown in the GDP came with the past semester's low revision, from 0.4% to 0.2% grown.

Impact in 2013

The disappointing result of the brazilian economics should affect the 2013 GDP projection, which should change to 3.5% - face with the 4.0% previously projected, says him.




A Milano deseja boas festas!

A Milano deseja boas festas

Nós da Milano desejamos um ótimo final de ano e que todos os investimentos feitos em 2012 gerem grandes resultados. Esperamos que em 2013 a busca pela excelência seja o caminho para o sucesso.


Milano follows the brazilian oil market

The brasilian economy stepped on the break last year. After the growth of 7.5% in 2010, the 2011 GDP  got to 2.7%. One market segment was an exception: gas and oil - grown twice more then the industry's last year total. A market segment with a big demand work, but less manpower.

The Bacia de Santos's deepness stores a treasure. The brasilian and worldwide oil and gás industries have gathered forces in order to get to it.

It's with eyes and attention focused in the pré-sal's exploration that 19 national and foreing companies, some of the biggest in the oil segment, have been making from the 350 thousand square meters, in the Ilha do Fundão, in Rio, a center of excelence in research and oil projects in deep waters.

This exploration is measured in atronomical numbers.
The projections are within 50 billion petrol barrels, extracted from a 7 thousand meters deep, which can represent gains from 2 to 5 trillions of dollars.




Milano will be part of the brasilian spatial program

Foguete brasileiro

Milano is proud to announce that has been choosen among many to take part in the spatial launch tests in the Alcantara brasilian base.

For our big investment in tecnology, excelence and great inovation in our products, Milano will be part of the brasilian VLS(Satellite Launching Vehicle) spatial project, in two stages of the assembly.

Supplying special connections, tubes and adapters to interconnect the propulsion system and control.



Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference 2012

Thanks for your visit!
Milano Hydraulic Equipment thanks you participation on Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference that happened in September from 17 to 20 in Rio De Janeiro.
Thanks for coming, we were very happy to receive you, be sure that you contributed in the success of our stand. We hope that this link will become even stronger.
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