Petrobras makes new oil discovery

Petrobras found heavy oil of lesser value in an area of pre-salt offshore Santos Basin, one of the most promising oil frontiers in the world, according to a presentation by Petrobras bonds on Wednesday.

Oil, 20 degrees on the scale of the American Petroleum Institute (API), was found at a depth of 2158 meters located about 303 km (188.4 miles) from the coast of the state of São Paulo.

Brazil's Petrobras Makes New Oil Find in Santos Basin

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The Milano was in Brazil Offshore 2013

From June 11 to 14, Milano attended the 2013 Brazil Offshore fair. The event gathered 720 exhibitors and attracted 51,000 people, the next edition is already guaranteed for 2015.

Soon after the close on Friday (14), the organization of the 7th edition published in 2013 Brazil Offshore  official stock event which brought together 720 exhibitors over four days in Macaé, Coastal Lowlands of Rio de Janeiro. The figures presented in the balance sheet, the fair brought 51,000 visitors, a thousand brands exposed and handled more than R$ 300 million in deals closed during the event.

Another positive indicator is the number of the Business Roundtable, held by ONIP (National Organization of the Petroleum Industry). This year, 550 meetings were held with the participation of 98 suppliers – compared to 320 meetings in the previous edition of the Brazil Offshore, held in 2011. The ONIP credited to these meetings generated a turnover of around R$ 196 million against R$ 170 million achieved in the previous edition. Added purchasing power of the visitors with the amount of the Business Roundtable, the 2013 Brazil Offshore business generated in the order of R$ 500 million.

For Milano, being part of this fair provided great growth and new business. Branch exchange information and meet future customers was a very valuable experience, an expansion of financial resources and knowledge.

Thanks to everyone who attended our event and space, it was a great pleasure to welcome you.




June 5 - World Environment Day

The date came about in 1972, regarding a meeting organized by the UN (United Nations) in order to deal with environmental issues, spanning the planet, known as United Nations conference.

The conference brought together 113 countries and 250 non-governmental organizations, in which the main topic addressed the degradation that man has caused to the environment and the risks to their survival, so that biological diversity should be preserved beyond any possibility .

At this meeting, they have created several documents related to environmental issues, as well as a plan to trace the actions of mankind and of the rulers towards the problem.

Milano works based on environmental responsibility, knowing that it must be the present and future of all companies.

Sustainable attitudes make a difference in our work and in everyday life of all people, may noy be noticeable today, but in a few years will make all the difference.

Think, be and work consciously and with environmental responsibility.

The return of this commitment will come soon.


May 25 - Industry Day

The History


Of all the business leaders of the early 20th century, the figure of Roberto Simonsen stands out, brilliant strategist who began selling coffee in Santos.

In the 1930s, Simonsen played a key role in the consolidation of Brazilian industry, the work recognized even by opponents of President Getúlio Vargas.

Roberto Simonsen died on May 25th, 1948, in full activity in the defense of the industry. In his memory, the date of May 25th was transformed into Industry Day and he was awarded the title of National Patron of Industry.

Simonsen was an engineer by formation, but was acclaimed as industrial, administrator, teacher, historian and politician, and was a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters.

For Milano, join and contribute to the growth of the industry is very important because helps to evolve the whole country technologically and financially.

Congratulations to all industry and industrials which experience with much sweat its growth.



Milano will be in the Brazil Offshore 2013


From 11-14 June Milano will attend to the Offshore Brazil, the 3rd largest international conference and trade show in the world, on the Oil and Gas Industry, which takes place every two years in Macaé, base of operations, responsible for more than 80 % of Brazil's Offshore exploration.

In 2011 the event was visited by more than 50,000 professionals and 636 exhibitors.


The event brings together:

- The greatest business opportunities in the sector;

- More than 9000 employees and contractors of Petrobras;

- The main managers will discuss market trends;

- The major players in the segment;

- Opportunity to interact with the most renowned experts;

- Sharing experiences and new management for your business;

- Companies will be exhibiting worldwide to improve their competitiveness and exchange of experiences;

- Launch of products and services with high added value;

- Exclusive projects and success stories;

- Conference with the most renowned experts in the world;

- Event-branded PPIs and SPE entities globally recognized and Reed Exhibitions, the largest organizer of trade fairs in the world;


Visit the Milano space, we’ll have professionals ready to meet and share valuable information on U Street Stand n ° 76.

Duration of the fair: 11 to 14 June

Time: 14h to 21h

Make your online registration:

For more information visit:


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