Check out the reviews of CNI on key economic indicators

Source: Industry Portal, 12/19/2013.

The scenario outlined by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) for 2014 is similar to 2013. "The expectation is that the Brazilian economy follows the pace of growth with dificulty" says the special edition of Situational Report, released on Thursday (19).

In assessing the CNI, a better performance of the economy depends on advances in reducing production costs and increasing productivity agenda. See predictions:

GDP - Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2013 is expected to grow 2.4%. It is estimated to grow 2.1% in 2014. As president of CNI, Robson Braga de Andrade, the result of past concessions in infrastructure shows that Brazil will be able to have a more consistent growth. "I expect that we may grow in 2014, due to issues such as concessions. The country took too long to enter the route of concessions, but concessions can now occur more strongly and quickly, accelerating investments ".

Industrial GDP - The industry should end the year with a growth of 1.4 %. Next year, growth should be 2.0%. "The Brazilian industry can grow 4% to 5 % per year. But we need to increase our competitiveness. We are studying the ten important key factors to turn Brazil into a modern and competitive economy. They pass by the tax issues, innovation, education, bureaucracy, among others", says Andrade.

Investment - The investment rate was expected to grow 7.1% in 2013 and 5 % this year. "We have seen an improvement in the morale of entrepreneurs towards the future of Brazil. But we must work to reduce investment.  Brazil is one of the few countries that taxes investment, which discourages the private sector, "said the organization's president.

Rates - CNI projects an exchange rate of around R$ 2.45 at the end of 2014, with an annual average of R$ 2.35. "The exchange rate has favored imports to have been lagged for years . The real was greatly strengthened by internal and external issues, but in 2014 it is expected that the exchange rate is more favorable", says Andrade.

Inflation - Inflation should end the year at 5.7 %, above the target center, due to pressure from food and services. In 2014, inflation will be 6 %. "The challenge for 2014 is to bring inflation from the target, but without distortions in administered prices”, explains Director of Policy and Strategy CNI, José Augusto Fernandes.

Interest Rate - The CNI is expected that interest rates should remain above 10 % throughout the year of 2014. "Given the still high inflation and international interest rates rising, the Brazilian rate must also remain at that level. High interest rates slow down consumption and discourage investment, "says the executive manager of Economic Policy CNI, Flávio Castelo Branco.

Balance of Trade - In 2014, the expectation is for a surplus of $ 9 billion, due to a more favorable exchange rate. The trade balance in 2013 was the lowest since 2000, with a trade deficit of $ 890 million. "We have to keep working to make our economy competitive. We are working for Brazil to have bilateral and multilateral agreements to facilitate exports . The last WTO meeting in Bali, left us hopeful about the resumption of the multilateral agrément”, said the president of CNI.

Tax burden - "We have a very complex problem that the tax burden is, it penalizes investment. But we will only be able to reduce the tax burden by reducing government spending”, said Robson Braga de Andrade .



Ano novo, novos objetivos.


Consumer confidence rises in November , indicates FGV

Source: Instituto do Aço Brasil, 25/11/2013.

SAO PAULO - More optimistic about the outlook for their personal finances , the Brazilian became more confident in November , according to " Consumer Expectations Survey " conducted by Fundação Getulio Vargas ( FGV ) .

The Consumer Confidence Index ( CCI) - summarizing the poll - increased 1.0 % between October and November 2013 , rising from 111.7 to 112.8 points . The favorable trend in the month , however, was insufficient to offset the loss observed in October ( 2.2% ) , keeping the index below the historical average of 115.5 points for the ninth consecutive month.

Compared to the same period last year , the index fell 6.1% , but with less intensity than in October, when ceded 8.1% from the same month in 2012 .

The ICC is composed of two sub-indices that measure the degree of satisfaction with the present and the future with optimism . In November , the high overall index was motivated by the improving outlook for the coming months : the Expectations Index ( EI) rose 1.4 % , rising from 107.5 points in October to 109.0 points in November , exceeding the 60-month moving average of 108.5 points .

The optimism regarding personal finances in the months following Question was the largest contributor to improved expectations . The bookmark this Question increased 1.3 % , rising from 132.9 points to 134.6 points , staying above the historical average ( 131.4 ) . The share of consumers designing improved family financial situation increased from 37.2 % to 38.9 %, of which predict a worsening remained at 4.3 % .

Have the Current Situation Index ( ISA ) rose 0.2 % to reach 120.8 points , a level well below the average of the last five years ( 128.5 ) .

The degree of consumer satisfaction with the state of the economy at the present time was relatively stable . Between October and November , the proportion of consumers that assess how good increased from 16.2 % to 16.6 % , while that of the bad judge fell from 35.2 % to 35.0 % .

The Survey of Consumer Expectations of FGV is based on a sample of about two thousand homes in the seven major Brazilian cities . Data collection for the November 2013 edition was held between October 30 and November 19.



Trabalho seguro, resultado eficaz.

A Milano dedica-se em oferecer um trabalho que resulte em produtos e serviços de excelência, todos os seus procedimentos são executados com segurança, garantindo que cada colaborador dedique todo o seu potencial e conhecimento com tranquilidade e responsabilidade. A segurança do trabalho é fundamental para resultados sempre positivos e clientes ainda mais satisfeitos.



All Rose in October

On October 30th Milano held an action in support of awareness of the prevention of breast cancer.

All were wearing rose in support of the Pink October and also to remind women of this important initiative to conduct self-examination.

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